Get Carter are a family run business in Newcastle. They specialise in minibus hire. At the time of initially contacting us, Get Carter had a static HTML site that was proving hard to update and although it was well designed, there was no contact form so customers were finding it hard to contact the company.

We took elements of their existing website and rebuilt it on a WordPress platform. Making any changes to the website limitless.

The first thing we did was build them an online booking system, this meant that customers were able to enquire about bookings online, as well as ring the company direct. Once the site was built we then started on the SEO. This was a long and hard challenge as the search terms that suited the business had a lot of competition.

After months of analysis and tweaks, we are pleased to see Get Carter on the first page of search results on google and climbing. Their bookings have steadily improved and as the site grows, we hope the amount of booking they get grows with it.