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A1 Poster Printing

WearDigital’s 84.1 x 59.4 cm A1 poster printing is available on a range of stocks from 250gsm silk paper to our weatherproof 220 and 400 micron PVC options. Their larger size means that they can be read from a distance making them ideal for advertising to a large audience with just one well-placed poster.

A2 Poster Printing

Go big with A2 poster printing and bolster awareness of your brand. Grab the spotlight with your weather-proof PVC event poster, available as both 220 micron and 400-micron options, and enjoy coverage all-year-round, come rain and shine.

Use a heavyweight 250gsm silk paper for the ultimate professional touch, and make the most of the magnificent A2 size; perfect for a busy window or spacious wall exhibition.

A3 Poster printing

Get the word out there and bring your concept to life with A3 Poster printing. Design your awesome artwork then showcase it to the world across a 29.7 x 42 cm expanse. Pick your perfect paper type, from a slim and lightweight 150gsm silk to a heavy duty 350gsm.

Bolster your material with our design team or upload your own, and don’t worry about your laminate as A3 Posters come with a glossy natural finish, perfect for showcasing indoors.