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Flyers with special paper types

Spice up your flyer game with WearDigital‘s Special Flyers. They come in many exclusive materials and have unique paper effects to easily attract attention to your promotion. You can pick from the Metallic Flyers in white, gold and silver, if you want to shine bright. In case you really want to stand out, get the Pearl Marble, it has the perfect soft shine. Looking for something more earthy and subdued? Go with our Kraft Flyers, great for a more natural feel. And if you want a sturdy paper, the Card Material Flyer is your solution. And our Yupo Blue Synthetic Paper Flyers are your alternative to paper. They are 100 % tree free, durable and even waterproof.

Category: Flyers

Prices shown are per one design. For multiple designs, add multiple items to your cart. In order to keep our prices low, we offer standard quantities. Looking for a different quantity? Request a quote.


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